Video Quality Monitoring

24/7 TS Analysis & Monitoring

Transport stream generation

Video/audio Quality Monitoring

Do you need live monitoring and analysis of DVB or OTT streams? Our products are the solutions you need. It is of vital importance for broadcasters that programs are aired properly. Our products, SMART transport stream monitor and the MOSAIC multiviewer, ensure more effective problem solving, lower operational costs and an improved customer experience. SMART Lite is available in software-only, MOSAIC multiviewer is available as software-only or complete unit, SMART Pro is the total solution for broadcast industry monitoring, including hardware and SLA services. All products have been developed through years of experience and customer input. You can always contact us for a software demo or price information.



  • Multiviewer
  • Multiviewer streaming
  • Transport stream monitoring
  • Audio levels en silence
  • Black Frame / Freeze Frame analyze
  • TR 101 290 level 1,2,3
  • PSI, SI en EPG analyze
  • Template en snapshot comparison
  • Penalty Box
  • Round robin pages
  • SCTE-35
  • HEVC
  • IP, ASI, DVB-T, DVB-S, DVB-C Filebased
  • HDMI, HD-SDI, MV combiner
  • Multiview as web stream
  • Multiview on tablet or mobile
  • … and lots more

MOSAIC Lite multiviewer (software or appliance)

MOSAIC is a multiviewer showing video tiles with VU meters, and audio/video loss indication. Features like round robin pages, penalty box, preset layout selection, output streaming and transport stream recording.

DVB and OTT streams (UDP, HLS, DASH, RTSP, …)

SMART Lite TS monitoring (software)

SMART Lite is our software for 24/7 transport stream monitoring, analysis and multiviewer. Purchase this software-only product and run it on your own hardware.

DVB streams (IP, ASI, DVB-T/C/S)

SMART Pro TS monitoring (appliance+SLA)

SMART Pro is our broadcast industry solution for 24/7 transport stream monitoring, available as complete systems, distributed, database, gateway and web clients. SLA services, training and commissioning can be provided. Get your streams monitored in the best possible solution!