Video Quality Monitoring

SAM has proven to be of great value in the project for Axon Digital Design, the global leader in products and solutions for the broadcasting network infrastructure. The company has purchased an unlimited amount of SAM licenses and the rights to continue developing the SAM source code. Axon has developed the product further under a new product name: SMART. Dualz retains the full intellectual property rights of the underlying SAM source code and design.

We are proud to see that Axon is successfully exploiting our product.
Same product, just another color.

Dualz has implemented a MOSAIC system for the American company 4C Insights, a data science and marketing technology company. The system can display 600 services on 6 separate 50-inch LCD TVs within their UDP broadcasting network. ‘Suspicious’ services are moved to the penalty box with a single click of a mouse button. The TV screens show the penalty services in fully decoded mode and on a large screen. The round robin function is used to show several pages iteratively a subset of the services. The remote editor can configure the mapping services as well as the preset selection remotely.

M7 group is one of the first SAM customers, running SAM in the most complete configuration over 14 probes and ACC, database and web clients. As M7 is acting in the professional broadcast satellite area, and their system requires service level support on a large extend, Axon’s SMART is now monitoring M7’s services 24×7. Axon provides the full service of the system now.

A pioneer in the field of wireless and innovative satellite and communications solutions, Microspace Communication Corporation, is a reseller of SAM. Several SAM products operate at their customers who monitor IP or ASI streams 24/7 and showcase the services on large screens, including an extensive multiviewer.

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