Video Quality Monitoring

Cloud solution

Mosaic in the cloud

We can create the multiviewer stream for you. When the video sources are accessible, the multiview is created in our cloud solution, you’ll receive the mosaic stream 24/7, and you’ll get notified in case of video or audio loss.

SAM in the cloud

Let us analyze and monitor your streams 24/7, and you get a notification (by email) when a quality issue occurs, for example Black Frame or Freeze Frame, audio silence, bitrate loss, EPG GAP, etc. If needed, you can get a multiviewer stream back in high quality. Weekly reports are possible.

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  • Kerkendijk 140
  • 5712 EX Someren

Office address:

  • Witvrouwenbergweg 12
  • 5711 CN Someren

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KvK nr.: 17 18 34 74       BTW nr.: NL81506110B01