Video Quality Monitoring

Download page MOSAIC Demo

For running MOSAIC you need the MOSAIC server software, as well as the editor. This package contains both. In this trial, we recommend to install them on one system. In a product configuration, the editor will typically run remotely, and serving multiple MOSAIC screens.

Download MOSAIC Multiviewer

We recommend to follow the ‘MOSAIC Quick Start guide’ which can be found here (also included in download pacckage).
On our documentation page on this website, you’ll find all the manuals that you need for detailed information.

The MOSAIC software is running in all windows versions but we recommend Win10 prof 64 bit.

The MOSAIC demo runs in demo mode. If you need a (temporary) full featured license, please fill in the license request form in the Screen application (select Set License – Query new license).

We appreciate your feedback, please let us know via feedback page