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Dualz Software is the company for outsourcing your DTAPI software development. Already over 20 years experience in software architecture, design and engineering, and main expertise in the digital video domain and professional Dektec cards. With the DTAPI SDK, Dualz Software has built several software solutions, in our own products as well as in outsourcing projects for other customers. We have a development team with highly qualified and experienced software developers.


Do you wish a linux, windows of cross platform DTAPI solution? No problem, we have a ready to roll CI/CD developement chain implemented. You will have a continuous view on our open development process. You will always have access to your code.

Dektec DTAPI
Founder / Owner
Stefan van Zoggel

Dualz’ owner Stefan van Zoggel, born on March, 3rd 1971, has graduated Technical University Eindhoven, Computer Science, specialized in Computer Graphics.

Stefan is an experienced software developer with major expertise in Digital Video Broadcast (DVB) and DTAPI software development. From 1999 until 2005, he worked via recruitment company Atos Origin on projects for PDSL, Oce, Philips Digital Video Systems, Philips DVN, NXP, FEI, and more. Stefan started Dualz Software in 2006 and developed SAM TS monitoring and MOSAIC multiviewer. Dualz Software has done projects for Barco (audio over IP), Seachange (CASIS / STATIGS) and TP Vision (hospitality TV).


Our products SAM transport stream monitoring and MOSAIC multiviewer are solutions for video quality monitoring and analysis. Dualz also developed several other tools in the area of linear broadcast. You can find more information on our products on this website.


Dualz is the perfect business partner for your software outsourcing projects, related to DTAPI development. Dualz works with highly qualified and experienced software developers. Dualz has more than 20 years experience in software development in general, we have major experience on C++, C#, Visual Studio, Qt, Dektec DTAPI, DirectShow, Mainconcept, Medialooks, BlackMagic, Magewell, FFMPEG, and lots more … We work with the latest technology and processes. Ask for the possibilities.


Are you interested in our software products or services? Please contact us via email .

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