Video Quality Monitoring

DVB analyzer

DVB / Mpeg2 TS analyzer

SMART DVB analyzer can be used to analyze your transport streams, detailed analysis and 24/7 monitoring. Using up to 25 alarm category levels, you will be notified in case something is wrong. Use the analyzer functions in SMART and the displays on the multiviewer to see what is going on. Measurements include black/freeze frame analysis, audio silence, TR 101 290, CA, PSI/SI, bitrates and lots more. Use SI/PSI snapshot comparison function to measure your PSI streams.

SAM TS monitor
TS monitor
In-depth analysis overviews

SMART shows its information in a user friendly way. Dependant on the engineer’s expertise levels, the information can be shown on bit level, transport stream packets, or management overviews and reports. Additional to analysis mode, SMART also monitors your streams 24/7 and provide alarm notification on several interfaces. Alarm reports, SNMP, email, visualization in multiviewer and more. For more information about SMART, have a look at DVB analyzer on this site.


More information

Go to our video tutorial page and get a first impression. Our manuals on this site provide detailed information about our systems SMART and MOSAIC. Please do not hesitate to contact us, or ask for a quote or free demonstration.


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