Video Quality Monitoring

Dualz mini IP viewer

Dualz Solutions presents a portable Dualz Mini IP Viewer. With this device, you can view a DVB or OTT stream anywhere in your network. Just plug in this device, connect a HDMI monitor, open the interface on your mobile phone, and start viewing.


TS recorder

The Mini box is a portable device that can be carried in your packet, or can easily be installed behind a screen on the wall.

Key characteristics
TS recorder
  • IP input via RJ-45
  • DVB multicast or unicast, OTT
  • Power over Ethernet*
  • Access device user interface via Wi-Fi on your mobile phone, tablet or laptop
  • 24/7 viewing
  • Visual monitoring with HDMI device
*Note: Power over Ethernet only available with supporting hardware.
  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) : you will receive an ISO, purchase a license.
  • Order a Dualz Mobile Recorder appliance, ready for use
Dualz PI box
  • Trial: BYOD one month trial license: Free
  • BYOD: Permanent license for ISO: Euro 99,-
  • Dualz Mobile Recorder appliance, includes permanent license: Euro 250,-

Also OEM is possible, your company logo on the box, ask for the possibilities!

TS recorder