Video Quality Monitoring

Multiviewer in the cloud

Multiviewer web streams

Create your own multiviewer stream in the cloud. Configure your channel sources via the web interface. You will get your mv streams back via HLS, RTSP, UDP, or whatever protocol you like. Use your mobile, tablet or PC to view the stream. You can also use our Dualz PI Viewer to display the multiviewer stream 24/7 on a large screen.

Supported input formats: UDP, RTP, RTSP, RTMP, HLS, DASH, and more….
SAM TS monitor
Multiviewer web streams

Our HD quality web streams can be viewed anywhere in the world, on any device (PC, tablet, mobile,…).

Web stream hosting

We can host the web streams for you, or you can use your own streaming engine. Contact us for more information.


Pricing depends on the bandwidth of the input streams, the multiviewer output stream, as well as the number of clients that can watch the multiviewer streams simultanaously. Contact us for more information or a demonstration.