Video Quality Monitoring

HLS analyzer

Our Dualz HLS analyzer monitors your streams 24×7, and notifies on problems in the streams. Check your m3u8 url, and check whether chunks can be downloaded, and if they are updated in time. The downloaded chunks are checked on basic transport stream characteristics, like CC errors or missing PIDs.
HLS analyzer
The stream characteristics, as well as alarms are sent to the ‘measurement node’. The measurement node is a web server, running locally, or on a remote system. Via web client, the status and characteristics of the streams can be viewed in one overview.
  • Availability url
  • Availability chunks list
  • Correctness chunk list
  • Download chunks
  • Check whether chunk lists are updated
  • CC error checks
  • Visual alarm notification
  • Status overview all services
Web GUI HLS analyzer

The HLS analyzer can be extended with recording feature. Stores the HLS feed in chunks of configurable size.

HLS multiviewer
HLS Analyzer + MOSAIC

Combine Dualz HLS Analyzer with MOSAIC multiviewer in order to show the picture on the video wall while monitoring them 24/7. Don’t miss a defect, and view images to see the characteristics. Visual audio VU Meters, audible audio, and get the image full screen  via double click.

Operating system

The Dualz probe, server application, runs in Linux and Windows. The client user interface runs in Windows.

More information

For more information, free software demonstration or a detailed quotation, please contact us.