Video Quality Monitoring

DVB tooling (TS based)

IP2IP Gateway

Redirects incoming TS over IP to another IP:PORT combination. Can be used to send unicast to (internal) multicast. Or to redirect incoming IP signal to an outgoing IP adress.

RF2IP Gateway

Redirects incoming RF signal (Dektec card) to outoging IP stream. Supports DVB-S/T/C (all Dektec cards)

File caster

Plays a TS based file in fixed bitrate over RTP or UDP.

OTT tooling

HLS2IP Gateway

Redirects HLS feed to outgoing IP stream. Supports TS based HLS feeds.

HLS analyzer

Simple analyzer to monitor HLS feeds, supports adaptive bitrates.

Contact us for more information on the tools, let us know what tool you are interested in. We can also implement a tailored solution on your requirements.