Video Quality Monitoring

DVB tooling (TS based)

  • IP2IP Gateway
  • Redirects incoming TS over IP to another IP:PORT combination. Can be used to send unicast to (internal) multicast. Or to redirect incoming IP signal to an outgoing IP adress.

  • RF2IP Gateway
  • Redirects incoming RF signal (Dektec card) to outoging IP stream. Supports DVB-S/T/C (all Dektec cards)

  • 24/7 TS recording
  • 24/7 TS recorder supports TS format over ASI, IP, RF and HLS.

    OTT tooling

  • HLS2IP Gateway
  • Redirects HLS feed to outgoing IP stream. Supports TS based HLS feeds.

  • HLS analyzer
  • Simple analyzer to monitor HLS feeds, supports adaptive bitrates.

    Contact us for more information on the tools, let us know what tool you are interested in. We can also implement a tailored solution on your requirements.

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