Video Quality Monitoring

RSS playout server

The Dualz RSS playout system is a broadcast automation system, in order to create dynamic live video / audio feeds, containing video, pictures, crawler, newsfeeds etc. Dualz playout server can be used for several purposes.

Playout server HDMI
A local playout server, for example a digital signage system, can create video over HDMI.
Company presentation or local information systems.




Playout server narrow casting

Narrowcasting is streaming video for multiple, but a limited group of users. It is possible to create internet streams, for example news streams, containg dynamic content combined with an audio stream.




Playout server broadcasting

A playout system, with overlay (digital watermark), logo insertion, etc. on a high end hardware server, possibly in redundant mode for high quality, robust, high available broadcast chain. Network connection via UDP/RTP, over a  dedicated broadcast network.

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