Video Quality Monitoring

SMART TS Monitoring software

Do you want software to analyse and monitor DVB or MPEG2 transport streams 24/7, and run it on your own hardware? Then SMART Lite is exactly what you need! As a broadcaster your audience expects you to perform at the highest level. For this reason it is of the utmost importance that programs are broadcast properly, because otherwise you will have to deal with frustrated subscribers or a loss of advertising revenue.

Why SMART Lite?

SMART Lite offers the software solution to these broadcasting challenges. The SMART network is distributed or centralized and is suitable for a wide range of possibilities. In addition to simple monitoring, SMART also offers the possibility to showcase detailed information about the transmitted content in the analysis mode. This feature can be used, among other things, to identify errors and reporting. Operators should focus their efforts on tackling issues, not identifying them. This is where SMART comes in. The system is active 24/7 to constantly identify issues, analyses them and help to effectively repair the service. At the same time SMART offers a visual monitor in the form of a multiviewer mosaic.

If you need even more features and SLA services, we recommend the SMART PRO version.

  • Bitrates
  • Multiviewer
  • Transport stream monitoring
  • Audio levels en silence
  • Black Frame / Freeze Frame analysis
  • TR 101 290 level 1,2,3
  • ECM / EMM
  • PSI, SI en EPG gap analysis
  • Template and snapshot comparison
  • Visual alarm notification
  • IP, ASI, DVB-T, DVB-S, DVB-C, File…
More information

Our manuals or video tutorials page on this site provide detail information about our systems SMART and MOSAIC. For more information, free software demonstration or a detailed quotation, please contact us.