Video Quality Monitoring

PSI/SI Generation

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Linear broadcast services require Program Specific Information/System Information (PSI/SI) as an essential part of the stream. Tuning information as well as Electronic Program Guide (EPG) can be generated by the Dualz PSI/SI Generator. The Dualz PSI/SI Generator conforms MPEG and DVB standards. Generated tables include PAT, PMT, CAT, BAT, NIT, SDT, EIT pf/scheduled and more. Dualz PSI/SI Generator imports data from several interfaces, from file (XML) or REST API interfaces.

Dektec DTAPI
Cross platform
Do you wish a linux, windows of cross platform PSI/SI Generator solution? No problem, our software implementation is cross platform, our appliances can be delivered in Linux or Windows.  You can also select our cloud solution for TS generation.

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