Video Quality Monitoring

Transport stream analysis on demand

DVB / Mpeg2 TS analysis

Do you have a problem with your transport streams? We have the tooling and the expertise to analyze your stream. Upload a sample of the stream, or just stream your video to our web based analyzer, and we will tell you about the quality and artifacts in your stream.

Analyzing your streams include video black/freeze frame analysis, bitrate checks, TR 290, CA, EMM/ECM, PCR/PTS/DTS, SI/PSI measurements, audio silence, SCTE-35, EPG, loudness measurements, VBR/CBR, and lots more! We will generate a quality report, and a list of issues found.

SAM TS monitor
Informational views

We will present the information at several expertise levels. Views for TR 101 290, bitrates, alarm reports, ECM/EMM and more, CA statistics, SCTE-35 information, EIT present/following and EIT scheduled, etc. Multiviewer snapshots (visual overview of all services) can be generated.

Remote analysis

If needed, we can also perform the analysis remotely. When we gain remote access on one of your systems, we can install our analysis tooling, and remotely analyze your streams.


The first consultation is free. We will generate a free overview, and propose on the next steps.
If needed, further detailed analysis will be charged against an hourly rate of 85 Euro (ex VAT).