Video Quality Monitoring

TS Monitor

DVB / MPEG TS monitor

Do you need transport stream monitoring? SMART TS monitor is the ultimate tool for verifying your transport streams. Combine real time analyzsis, 24/7 monitoring, alarm notification and multiviewing in one solution. Detailed overviews in analysis mode, and mesurements on bitrates, snapshot comparison, snapshot comparison, SI/PSI, black frame, freeze frame, audio silence, TR 101 290, CA and more.

SAM TS monitor
TS monitor
Transport stream overviews and monitoring

The windows in SMART show detail information in a user friendly and intuitive way. Views and reports on bitrates, ETSI TR 101 290, PSI/SI, ECM/EMM, EPG and more. SMART allows alarm notification via visual indication in the multiviewer, alarm views as well as interfaces via SNMP, email, web views, (weekly) reports and more. Combine multiple SMART probes with the vgateway, that supports centralized configuration, alarm collection and reports. Add your database and web client overviews and create your complete monitoring solution. For more information about SMART TS monitor, have a look at TS monitor on this site.


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The videos on our video tutorial page give a first impression and a global overview. Our manuals on this site provide more detailed information about our systems SMART and MOSAIC. Do you need more information? Please don’t hesitate to contact us, or ask for a quote, a free demonstration, or download your trial software to try it on your own hardware.


KvK nr.: 17 18 34 74       BTW nr.: NL81506110B01

KvK nr.: 17 18 34 74       BTW nr.: NL81506110B01